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Pokah-Jong, is it poker or is it mahjong?

Both, or neither, it is Poker-Jong.

Get the cards,

Make the hands,

Win the game!

Fun, Fun Fun!

Play it now!


Make the pairz, clear the board win the game!

Fun and fresh, new shapes lend to the twist of the mahjongg solitaire classic.

The shapes make me dizzy and head starts to spin, so I stop playing and try a different game.

Don’t play t olong, it might happen to you.

Play for fun, but get out in the sun!

Pink and blue geometric shapes are in this one for the fun of it.

Original fg Mahjongg

Original fg Mahjongg is a quick and fun game.

The timer is set to start at 5 Min.

You are given hints.

This is a fun game of tile matching.

Match the mahjongg tiles and remove them from the board.

Play this game now for some fun.

Online Mahjongg

This mahjongg solitaire has three settings easy, medium, and hard.

The instructions are clear, and easy to get to on the game.

This is a classic mahjongg solitaire tile matching game.

Play this one all day and all night, you will be beating hard in no time.

I love to play mahjongg solitaire, and this is one of the better games I have seen.

Play now!

Multistage Mahjongg

Multistage Mahjongg is just what the name says. It is a mahjongg solitaire game that has multiple stages, or levels.

It starts of  simple and advances to harder stages.

This is a fun game to play, so give it a shot.

Play this mahjongg solitaire game for free!

Play now.

Multilevel Mahjong Solitaire

Multilevel Mahjong Solitaire is a tile matching game.

Remove tiles by matching them in pairs.

You can only match tiles that are not blocked by other tiles from the left, right or top.

After you pass a board you advance to the next level.

You can choose between simple tile design and a classic style.

Games have a time counter, that tracks your play time.

The game keeps score, and has a hint button.

Mayan Mahjong

Mayan Mahjong is a mohjongg solitaire variant.

I don’t like the look of this game, but I can see effort was spent.

The tiles are gold, and glowing colors.

The game is on a timer.

The game has hints.

Try it, you might like it.

Mahjong UK Version

Mahjong UK Version is for the English version of a very good mahjong game.

Any one can play it, no matter you citizenship.

It is a very good game, high quality all the way around.

Play for fun, play for country, play for ever…but just play

Don’t be the only one to not play this game.

In the words of Paul Revere  ” The British are coming.”

Mahjong Tripeaks

Mahjong Tripeaks is a crazy game based on mahjongg solitaire matching game.

This is the game to try when you are bored with the others.

I won’t give away the game, you will have to try.

So play…

I said play!


Mahjong Treasure

Mahjong Treasure, matey, is the pirates version of mahjongg solitaire.

Match up coins to earn points.

Perfect match is color and number, worth the most points.

Simple match is numbers only and worth some points.

Play good, and advance levels, play bad and walk the plank.

Arg now, shiver me timbers, what are you waiting for land lubber?